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Originally Posted by FrancoItaly View Post
I'm sorry but I do not have the pcb of CD4046 version, I modified the 8Mhz version to try to get a sort of discrimination by comparing the phase and amplitude variations. I recommend making the 8Mhz version because it is simpler to accomplish and has the same performance. I also recommend the stylus antenna with respect to the coil antenna possibly connecting 3 stylus antennas together.

Best Regards
Thank you Mr.FrancoItaly.

I have already unshakeable decided to make your HEF4046 PLL-LRL version and i hope i will be lucky hands. I take responsibility for inform you about my LRL experience with your PLL-LRL.

Mr.FrancoItaly help me please to precise identify all components you had placed at top side of PCB. I wll do the best i can to redraw your original layout from the soldering side. With your help (and other good fellows here), I think i will be lucky and I will make correct and very accurate HEF4046 pcb.

Please watch picture and mark all components one by one at top side of pcb, you think is valid. Than i will using your original pll schematic attached above make soldering side tracks and joints, and together we can try to redesign your pll version and publish all data for further builders.

I have all i need to make your HEF4046 PLL-LRL project working and testing. Also please give me instructions how to tune this PLL version, what tune first, what middle, what at the end after soldering all components.

I remind you i already have test polygon with some silver and golden targets at 30 cm deep soil in home frontyard, 2 years old and i hope signals are good according to your words.

If you wish, help me make this project running, because i know HEF4046 possible discrimination targets by comparing the phase and amplitude variations of the phenomenon signal is best and the most precise way for long range location.

I also have oscilloscope 2x 20MHz with all equipment i need to easy tune this build. If you think i should shield high gain amplifier that can easily oscillate, please let me know. Also let me know your adjustment tricks. This device could design only very, very experienced and very experienced LRL man, like you are Mr.FrancoItaly.

Thanks again for your best HEF4046 PLL-LRL project on this site and good luck. And i wish you many golden coins in your Italian treasury.

Best Regards
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