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Originally Posted by Dubulumach View Post
Does it mean that "phenomenon" is not frequency dependent ?

What about the gold frequency 60kHz-70khZ ? How is it related with HF quartz oscillations ?

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I don't think that there is a direct connection between phenomenon and quartz frequency.
I'm also not sure there is a frequency or band of frequencies related to gold. I think the phenomenon can interfere with a wide range of frequencies, from VLF to infrared. My lrl receives signals in the bandwidth of 100Mhz but I do not think there is a transmitter that transmits on this frequency, otherwise pointing it in the direction of the broadcaster would be a strong signal, which does not happen. However, if there are transmitters or repeaters in the vicinity, the lrl is practically unusable. In large lines this is the operation of my lrl (I refer to quartz version):
a small part of the signal from TR1 is amplified by TR2, TR3 and TR4, D1 and D2, TR5 make the signal continuous. the phenomenon is received from the antenna and applied to TR2, the heart of lrl. Mixing occurs here, somehow the signal coming from the oscillator is increased as amplitude and this results in an increase in the output signal. The signal from the oscillator to the base of TR2 partially goes to ground through C9 and C10 (and also L1). In the presence of the phenomenon, the signal that goes to mass decreses and then increases that is amplified by the transistor.
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