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thank you Francoitaly

Yes, if your words are truth, than "the phenomenon", should be some kind of noble metal noise, beacuse it has very wide range of frequencies, from VLF to infrared, and maybe much much higher.

My questions for you FrancoItaly

How did you connected two side antennas, to main lrl telescopic-whip antenna ?

Whay you didn't used very high gain, very high impendance, darlington structure from two bc183c, with 10Meg biasing resistor to catch very tiny phenomenon signal at input.

M thinking, tell me that the Monocrystalline Silicon Crystal was directly responsible, for detecting tiny phenomenon from gold, silver and other precious metals. I think it is directly proportional with volume of silicon. Biger Monocrystalline Silicon Crystal, should give better detection of phenomenon, because there is greater number of phenomenon particles interacting in same unit of time in volume of Monocrystalline Silico. This imply that we must use many bc183c hf transistor in parallel, to increase effective volume of detection area.

How to find gold, with your LRL, FrancoItaly ? Any tips welcomed ?

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