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Old 02-09-2009, 03:33 AM
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Default I Can't Register... Why?

I Can't Register... Why?

Due to the growing number of spammers, I've had to tighten registration a bit. You MUST provide a valid email address, and registration will not be completed until you receive an email with a verification link. You need to complete the verification process in order to post; be sure to check your "spam" box if you don't get the verification email pretty much immediately. Unverified registrations are automatically deleted after 3 days.

Also, because many "free" email accounts have been the overwhelming choices of spammers, I have banned registration using a number of email services:

...plus many more.

Since banning these email providers*, spam has plunged to tolerable levels. Besides providers, I have had to ban quite a few IP addresses (and address ranges) of known spammers so even if your email address is OK, you may fall into a banned IP range.

In some cases your registration may get rejected even if your email provider and IP address are not on the spammer list. I don't know why, it just happens. Don't take it personally, just do the following:

If you want to register on these forums and you get a banned notice during registration, you will need to contact me directly. I can set up your account manually. Just send me the username you want to use.

Please note: anyone using a Russian or Chinese domain email service (anything .cn or .ru) will need to be set up manually.

Sorry for any inconvenience, spammers make things miserable for all of us.

Note: We constantly receive emails from people who simply say "Can't register", "Register me", "Why can't I register?", or garbled messages not written in English. We will no longer be responding to these emails. If you want us to set up an account for you manually, than please request a username you would like to have. Your account will then be processed with that name if available, and a password will be supplied if you don't specify one. Without a supplied username your request will be ignored.


*NOTE: hotmail and gmail are overwhelming favorites for spammers. If you use these providers, consider a different provider.

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